Past Workshops


 – Food and Farms 2017  Workshop – Words and Pictures in Yorkshire

This year we will take on 4 classic works of British literature and spend a week discussing the books and illustrating the works with our cameras as we visit homes of the authors and setting of the stories.   Come on journey through the works of Shakespeare , Bronte, Stoker, and Herriot in the heart of northern England.

Our reading list

Richard III
Wuthering Heights 
All Creatures Great and Small

Tour of some of the most beautiful places in the English countryside and call a castle your home for a week.   Explore an abandoned abbey in the dark after reading Dracula. Whether you are just using your smartphone  or are a dedicated camera buff, you will take away new skills and insights.  Even non-photographers will enjoy an amazing opportunity to learn about history, architecture, food, and farms in northern England.

2016 Workshop – Foods and Farms 

Livestock, cheese, ice cream, fish and chips and tea